Be Your Authentic Self

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Be Your Authentic Self

Life’s too short to be anything but yourself. Trying hard to please people? Think about whether it’s really worth your time. The time you could spend doing things you enjoy, and making yourself happy. If you feel like you’ve been hiding behind a mask, it’s time to throw that mask in the trash and truly embrace the one, the only, YOU!


Are You Honest With Yourself?

It’s time to really sit down and think about yourself. Are you really being authentic? Are you doing things that make you happy? If you aren’t, it’s okay – you can change that. If you don’t know the answer to that question, then maybe you need to get to know yourself a bit better.

Take an hour, a day, a week. As much time as you need. Sit down and think about what kind of person you are. What are your core values? What makes you happy? Make a list of things that make you tick. And then go and do them! Reconnect with what makes you, YOU. It’s time to let go of any baggage or preconceptions you have of yourself. It is only you that truly controls what you can and can’t do.


Be Natural

Surrounding yourself with natural beauty should inspire you and help you to feel more grounded and connected with yourself. Visit places that make you feel at peace. It doesn’t have to be an area of outstanding natural beauty – it might be the little local beach you visited as a child. Spend more time outdoors in nature, free from the daily grind of multiple flashing screens. Disconnect and reconnect with your own self.

You may feel this is idealistic in a constantly moving world where you don’t have time to sit outdoors. Try to surround yourself with natural beauty inside your home. Plants, natural crystals and homemade candles or scents will focus you and make it easier to feel at peace. Look for an eco-friendly shop by searching for natural crystals shop near me to find your nearest location for purchasing natural products.


Embrace Change

Let’s face it, nothing is harder than suddenly changing your patterns and not caring about what people think. Sometimes a change or building something new is the best way to focus your energies toward the positive. Start a new hobby to create change in your own life. Begin an immersive, creative skill like drawing, painting or writing. Pair it with a more active skill like learning how to run, which will boost your energy levels and leave you with a sense of achievement.

Making the effort to embrace change on your own terms is going to have an impact on how you view change as a whole. The one thing you have in your control is how can react to situations. Recognize how you feel and own it, be it positive or negative. 


Being your authentic self does not have to be a complicated process. It is simply knowing yourself and not being afraid to put yourself first. Having a true sense of self should have a positive impact on your life and how you interact with others going forward.

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