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Boost Your Work Productivity By Improving Your Personal Life

Most of us are completely different people at work and at home; we might even have completely different ‘personas.’

Someone that’s meek and mild in their personal life might be a strong leader at work, and someone that’s usually a bit of a lone wolf might be popular and sociable at the office.

It’s perfectly possible to be quite different at work to how you are in a more relaxed environment, however, the things you do in your personal life can impact your work more than you might think.

If you’re career focused and want to do your best in order to work up the ladder and reach your goals, this is especially worth thinking about. Here are some of the ways you can improve your daily life as a way to do better in the workplace.


Get into good routines

Routine can be dull and boring, however it’s so beneficial when it comes to productivity. It enables you to use your time in the most effective way, ensuring all of your daily tasks are done and you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

Good routines make sure you’re getting enough sleep, eating at the right times and getting through all of your tasks. You’ll be in good routines on your workday, but try and stick with them at weekends and when you’re off work too.

Continue getting enough sleep to stay in a good sleep pattern, practices like guided sleep meditation can help you to drift off and promote relaxation. Relaxation is key, balance is crucial.

The main benefit of a good routine is you get enough sleep, you’re not sacrificing your eight hours to do other things- as there’s a set time to do them through the day. And better sleep means more focus and brain power.


Reduce chaos

We all have chaos in our lives at times. Drama with family and friends, a jammed social schedule at certain times of year, preparation for exams if you’re studying in your free time and much more.

Sometimes it can’t be avoided, but in other cases, there are things you can do to avoid chaos. Make your home into a peaceful space, and cut off toxic people who bring you stress. Organise your finances so you’re not constantly falling behind with money, and make your life as peaceful and stress- free as possible.

Going to work and worrying about things that are going on in your personal life can detract your focus and attention from the job at hand.


Find things you enjoy

When you’re working hard for forty hours a week, you need to find balance when you’re off. Hobbies are great as they keep you productive, keep you learning and prevent you from falling into a rut. Find things you genuinely enjoy, and work on them during your time off.

It could be anything from exercise to gardening to writing, whatever grabs your interest. Hobbies give your mind a break from work, so when you return you can see your tasks with ‘fresh eyes’ and have much more motivation and focus to get them done.


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Finding Your Way When There’s No Compass

While life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, there are some clear indications of what to do and where to go, for those who know how to identify opportunities. Whether it’s a job opening in the neighbor city or an exciting, new business idea; chances are all around you.

They guide you towards fulfilling your potential. But recognizing opportunities takes practice. For a start, they rarely come announced. An opening is like a ghost; everyone has heard about it, but nobody has actually seen the real thing. Therefore, you need to trust your inner compass to spot a change in direction and sail to success.



Things might not go as planned, and it’s okay

Did you know that the biggest successes have started in failures? Indeed, many entrepreneurs can tell you the tales of their numerous rejection and mistakes before they finally made their success happen. The secret to push through the rejection is to see it for what it truly is. It’s not the end of your journey.

A rejection indicates a change of direction.Think of J.K. Rowling. No less than 12 publishers rejected the original Harry Potter pitch before Bloomsbury finally accepted it. She doesn’t mention how many literary agents have rejected her manuscript; however, she has always been candid about her hard times selling her ideas while trying to make ends meet. But today, Rowling is a success. There’s no secret; she kept pushing and asking new people until she finally found the right contact to the fiction market. Learn from Rowling and never let rejection be the end of your dreams.


Finding clues in a variety of places

Opportunities might be invisible to the untrained eye, but there are plenty of insights you can use for inspiration. For instance, the Chinese New Year horoscope might provide clues as to where to focus your efforts or what dangers to avoid.

While it might not provide you with a detailed list of opportunities, it can give you the hints you need to recognize them. There’s nothing wrong with consulting your superstitious beliefs too when you’re looking for direction. Some people also like tarot card readings, for instance. Think of these as a source of inspiration which you can use to build your success.


Try out something new until you figure out who you are

Not knowing what you want or who you are makes you blind to opportunities. As an adult, it can be tricky to reconnect with your passion, especially if you feel overwhelmed by a hectic lifestyle. But taking the time to find a hobby can help you to tap into your inner strength and provide new insights to your perception of life.


Find someone who can act as an advisor

Last, but not least, remember that you are never alone. If you’re feeling lost in the business world, you can find yourself a mentor to support your progress. There are professional advisors to help you to tackle most areas of your life; make the most of their knowledge!


Where do I go now?

It’s a question that leaves most people wondering whether they’ve missed their chance. But you haven’t. Learn to identify opportunities by changing your perception of rejection, looking for clues in unexpected places, digging deep into your soul and finding expert advisors.

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