Planning An Engagement: The Steps Every Couple Needs To Know

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Planning An Engagement: The Steps Every Couple Needs To Know

It is an exciting time when a couple is considering marriage and thinking about getting engaged. Understanding the engagement process will help couples find ways to make it extra special and help make those tentative steps of planning the wedding itself go smoothly.

Find out what every couple needs to know about getting engaged.


Are you ready to get engaged?

Before proposing, it is helpful to make sure that each person in the relationship is ready for marriage. Marriage readiness is about love, dedication, and a decision to bring two lives together as one unit. When a person decides that he or she has found the right person to start a family with, it is vital to speak to his or her partner about marriage and find out whether they are both ready.

Discuss future life goals and family plans

Couples contemplating a lifetime partnership with one another need to address their expectations of the marriage and their individual future goals and plans for children. For example, if a woman wants only one child and a challenging career, but her future husband sees her as a homemaker caring for three children, it is necessary to address these opposing views before marriage so that the couple can find a compromise.


The proposal itself

Traditionally, in a heterosexual relationship, the man plans the proposal. However, these days, it may be two people in a same-sex relationship or a woman proposing to a man, so it really is down to each individual couple. What is usually common to a proposal, whomever it is between, is a moment of romance and a ring. You can click here for diamond engagement rings

Some people like to be traditional and to ask the parents of their intended if they can propose. Others are more modern and like just to get on and do it. Whether they get down on one knee or whether they do it a truly unique way, the moment is one that neither of them is likely ever to forget.


Announcing the engagement

Now, assuming everything has gone to plan, and the person being proposed to has said yes, it is time to let everyone know the good news. Traditionally, the parents of the engaged couple are the first to know, followed by the rest of the family and then friends. After a verbal announcement, some couples choose to do a formal one. This may be an announcement at a party, in a newspaper or if you want to be really formal, sending out written ones.


Planning a party

This is the really fun bit. So,e couples, particularly if they are going to be having a longer engagement, decide to throw a party to celebrate their happy news. It is a time to gather all your loved ones and family in one place and to celebrate the upcoming nuptials. Other people like to be a little more low key and maybe go out for dinner instead, or have a quiet get together with their nearest and dearest. 


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