The Importance of Self-Love

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The Importance of Self-Love

We often hear people talk about self-love, but what does it really mean? Does it mean splurging and going on shopping sprees, or does it mean you should cut your self some slack, even when you’re wrong? Not entirely.

You see, self-love is treating yourself with kindness and respect. It also involves loving yourself enough to make the right decisions that will impact your life in positive ways. It’s basically you recognizing that as humans we also need nurturing and care, but no one will care for you better than yourself. After all, you know where things hurt, you equally know how much it hurts you. So, you alone know to what degree you need affection and a good scolding.


What’s more, we constantly yearn for human interaction, and in the absence of that, it’s possible to feel unloved and empty. Rather than trying to fill that void with the attention you get from others, fill that vacuum with self-love. Don’t get it wrong, self-love doesn’t mean you have to cut off interaction with other people or dismiss the idea of being in a flourishing relationship. It means being satisfied with yourself and not searching for that satisfaction somewhere else. Apart from what has been mentioned above, here are a few reasons why self-love is important.



We are attracted to positive energy


It is crazy how you can actually read people’s energy. Energies are like kinetic waves that ooze out of people, and once your energy feels off, no one will want to associate with you. It’s essential to maintain good energy, so you can attract positive, healthy individuals. For instance, you are troubled over heartbreak, walking around feeling like you are not good enough, feeling empty and drained of love, people can sense that. 

Sometimes, it’ll lead you into the arms of people who are looking to prey off your vulnerability and exploit you to feel better about themselves. The solution here is a time out to cultivate self-love; taking time to recover and to nurture your mental and emotional state is something everyone needs. If you want to know where you are psychologically and emotionally take this free psychic reading


Building healthier relationships 

During a period of self-doubt and lack of self-love, you’ll find it hard to maintain healthy relationships. It’s mostly because you do not fully understand what it means to pick yourself first over others. You have to love yourself enough to be able to love someone else because you truly can’t give what you don’t have.

Remember, self-love comes with self-identity, and understanding that you are your own individual and the same goes for your partner.  When you enter a relationship with the full knowledge of who you are and what you are bringing to the table, people notice it. In fact, it sets a standard and they try to match up to it. If for any reason, it’s not working out for you, you can leave with your confidence intact without being scared of being alone for the rest of your life. That is self-love.



Nobody can complete you


We often hear people say “my other half” that translates to the ‘fact’ that a part of you missing till you find it in someone else. It’s an ideology that has been instilled in our minds and it preaches that we can never be complete until we find our significant others. Well, some people who have found their significant others still feel lonely once in a while, or all the time. 

Yes, relationships make people happy, and being with people you love can make you ecstatic, but research also shows that relationships don’t dramatically increase happiness. Happiness comes from within. The best way to a long-lasting relationship is being happy with yourself first.



Self love takes time. Sometimes you win and sometimes you fail but it requires constant practice. Every day take tiny steps to nurture your self-love, you can do it.


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