Your Mindset During COVID-19 And How You Can Flip It

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Your Mindset During COVID-19 And How You Can Flip It

Expecting too much from yourself during a global pandemic could lead to mountains of stress that eventually lead to burn out. We’re all going through a pretty rough time right now, so taking it easy is likely going to be the most sensible option for everybody. 

There are probably still things you need to get done: work from home, homeschooling your kids, and even just chores and tasks you’ve been meaning to do but ‘never had the time’ for. A negative mindset can make it difficult to do anything, no matter how simple and innocent the task seems. 

Your mindset during a crisis situation like the one we’re all in now is everything. Going from a negative mindset to a more positive mindset may not be easy, but learning how to flip your negative way of thinking could literally change the entire experience for you. 


No one is asking you to pretend to be happy and plaster a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it. By simply finding the positive in each situation, you can avoid dwelling on the negatives and instead appreciate the good stuff. Let’s take a look at how you can begin to flip your mindset today:


Use This Time To Get Into A Meditation Habit

The idea of meditation might make you scoff, but there are so many benefits that we shouldn’t be ignoring it – especially at a time like this. Meditation can help you to follow the thoughts that are more beneficial to you, and stop identifying with the thoughts that are not good for you. 

You can start by using an app to get into the habit. Getting into the habit is the most important thing at first. You don’t need to meditate for an hour or even 20 minutes; commit to just 1 minute each day until you’re in the habit. 


Write Down Every Positive You Can Find

You might have to look extra hard, but there are going to be positives for everybody during this time. For example, You may not be able to go to church as church spreads coronavirus (negative), but you know your loved ones are safe (positive). More examples include: 


  • You’re saving money by staying home.
  • You have more time to spend with your family. 
  • You can catch up on your reading and personal development. 
  • You have time to practice a skill. 
  • You realize how precious life and loved ones are. 
  • The planet is healing itself. 


The fact you’re staying safe at home is a positive in itself – even the fact you have a home. Most people should be able to find multiple positives if they can look past the negatives. 


Question Your Thoughts And Beliefs 

Be mindful and pay more attention to your thoughts. Do you use words like ‘always’ and ‘never’ when you make statements in your head, when they are simply dramatizing your thoughts and not at all true? Are you thinking about scenarios you’ve made up, more than what’s real? This is a great time to question your thoughts and beliefs so you can become less attached to a certain way of thinking. It’s always a great time to do this, but doing it at a time like this could have a huge impact on your mindset for the better. 


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